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Selection of Security Personnel

Convoy Security By Magnum Security Company

Selection of Security Personnel

Do you need personal escorts for your individual safety or a convoy – group of vehicles, traveling together for mutual support and protection, organized with armed defensive support.

We offer convoy protection for persons of high importance when moving them from one place to another, money transportation from a business, bank, micro-finance or SACCOs to the bank or central bank.

We also offer convoy for items protection like cars, cement, oil and so many others that are under security threat.

  • VIP
  • Items
  • Money
  • Employees

Sectors for our Security Guards, Security Escorts and Bodyguards


Welcome to Magnum Security where the importance of home security has been remarkably numbering top. We have K9 Units to aid us


We value corporate, personal bodyguards and guards for your events are all ours.


We offer enough security for any construction site to ensure safety of materials and workers.


Events, corporate or not, deserve enough security. Count us in for an awesome security


Gardens, leisure parks and public parks, we watch over them with our K9 Units in place


We can be innovative, creative and offer any kind of facilities for you. From personal security to others


With our multiple security categories, we have a wholesome package for healthcare


You shouldn’t get worried of your students and kids in schools, we keep them safe